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Full time Scientist & Software Engineer

Culturing the Trends in Tech, Resolving in Code before we run crazy... Programming in 7+ Languages is a kick off I bet on for lifetime Before the Dawn; I'm gonna Resolve your Problem.

  • Email: lenscasto@gmail.com
  • City: Nairobi City, Kenya
  • Birthday: 24 June 1998
  • Phone: +254 799167780
  • Degree: Masters' in Computer Science
  • Tribute: Remote Programming
  • Ground Zero: Fullstack Dev.
  • Remote Jobs: Readily Available

Being Elevated in the Swift growing Economy where the Rule of "Survival for the Fittest Applies". As a Gen Z; This constantly replenishes the core assault of humman innocense and raises the vehement of success that drives me every second. With the Love of Venture, Risk Taking and Willingness to participate in every event ; This stimulates the native nature of my consistence in seeking and grasping adamant scientific concepts to revamp life for satiation

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Front End Development 100%
Back-End Development 90%
Cloud 75%
Graphic Design80%
Desktop and Android Development 90%
Video Editing 55%



Data Analysia

Android & Edge Computing

Machine Learning

Data Managemnt

Artificial Intelligence

Administrative Roles

Graphic Design

Blogging & Reaserch

Video/Audio Editing

Tech Trends



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Morris Bosire

Self-trained to handle the most difficult tasks in a Diligent and Highly convergent unison; With my Master in Computer Science ,I'm deeply rooted Mathematics, Problem-solving, Coding, Research and Experimentation, Computer and technology knowledge, Programming, Technical writing and Software development aimed to leverage in-depth knowledge of data science and Artificial intelligence and Ede Computing, to puzzle out technological objections while delivering valuable work expertise in a team oriented environment flawlessness.

  • Nairobi City , Kenya , EA
  • (+254) 799167780
  • lenscasto@gmail.com


Master of Computer Science

2023 - 2024

Kenyatta University, Nairobi City, KE

A Great advance in computer science with latest developments in Computing, practical experience in coursework and research projects including : Advanced Computer Architectures, Cyber Security and Computer Forensics , Operating systems and design, Numerical Computer analysis ,Advanced digital image processing , Software engineering technologies , Network Technologies , Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, mobile computing and advanced distributed systems.

Bachelor of Computer Science

2017 - 2021

Multimedia University Of Kenya, KE

As one of my great steps in covering programming languages, computer systems, algorithms, data structures, software development, computer architecture, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, machine learning, computer networks, and Cyber-Security

Professional Experience

Software Engineer

2018 - Present

Remote Jobs: Nairobi City, Kenya , EA

  • Designing and developing software applications. This includes determining the requirements of the application, designing the architecture, and writing the code.
  • Testing and debugging software. This involves running the application through a series of tests to ensure that it is working as expected.
  • Deploying and maintaining software. This includes making sure that the application is available to users and that it is up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • Collaborating with other Remote engineers. This may involve working on a team to develop a new application, or providing support to other engineers who are working on existing applications
  • .
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest technologies. This is essential for me as a software engineer as the field is constantly changing

Information Communication Technology Officer

Jan 2022 - Nov 2022

KISE: Nairobi City, Kenya , EA

  • Developing and testing simple computer programs according to instructions and specifications;
  • Assisting in the implementation of the computer systems;
  • Providing user support and training of users and Draw hardware specification.
  • Perfoming Repairs and maintenance of ICT equipment and associated peripherals;
  • Monitoring the performance of ICT equipment; and Reporting any faults for further ac-tion to principal ICT officer & ( Develop reports on ICT standards )
  • Configuring the Organization LAN and WAN.
  • Providing data backup Services for all ICT equipment and also Data Protection to ensure they are secure
  • Ensure that the website and associated applications are updated from time to time.

Information Technology Specialist

Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

KBC: Nairobi City, Kenya , EA

  • Reporting to Principal ICT Officer and Developing reports ICT Operations
  • User support { KBC Team }, and Software Training {Departments and Production Rooms}
  • Live Steaming of Programs for Radio and TV
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance and Repair and Data Backup and Protection
  • Software Training { Broadcast and Streaming software }
  • Develop and install application systems when necessary
  • Configuring and installing the local Area network and Wide Area Network.
  • Performing frequent Website and associated applications update.

Computing and Information Technology specialist

June 2019 - August 2019

Robisearch LTD Company: Nairobi City, Kenya , EA

  • System Demo, Support and installation i.e. (Point of Sell (POS), Bio-metric Time Attendance and PMS to Company Clients
  • Software Design and Development {Front End Software Engineering} i.e. (Websites and Desktop APPS)
  • Reporting to Principal ICT Officer and Writing Reports
  • Performing frequent Website and associated applications update
  • Developing and installing application systems
  • Installing and Configuring local Area network and Wide Area Network.
  • Data Backup, Repair and maintenance of ICT infrastructure


My Services

Full - Stack Development

This encompases : Website, Desktop and Android Development

Edge Computing

Microsoft Azure , Docker and Kuberinates

Graphic Design

Logo, Banners and Ads Fun arts and more

Video Editing & Blogging

Educative , Entertainment and Commercial

Cyber - Security

WAN , LAN Configuration anad management

Administrative Assistance

Team Laeder Roles and Management


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Ongata Rongai, 00215 ,Nairobi City, KE

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